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Elaine Romain


Sports Massage Therapist

Elaine has a Specialist Personal Training background which led her to a degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Northampton. She is also part of the Towcestrians Rugby Football Club Sports Therapy Team. Elaine’s main role focuses on providing pitchside trauma management, injury prevention and rehabilitation specifically with the Development (2nd) Rugby Team. This role has helped her develop a deeper understanding in the diverse injuries and rehabilitation approaches required within the shoulder, knee and lower back.

Since school age, Elaine has participated in variety of fitness related sports spanning athletics and duathlons, to more recently, Crossfit. She continues to teach fitness classes and loves the feeling participants get from exercises and the physical changes they experience.

Treatments available include with Elaine Injury assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation.This also extends to deep tissue massage, sports massage and pain management. Elaine’s heart felt passion and reward is to be party to an individual’s progressive journey back to physical fitness.

If you would like to enquire about an appointment with Elaine Please contact us on 01933 664444 / info@wollastontc.co.uk.