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Injury Rehabilitation

At Wollaston Therapy Centre we feel that every individual has different exercise needs and requirements. We tailor our programs for every individual, specific for them, their injury and their rehabilitation. We also work hard with you to fit in exercises and strengthening programs around your own lifestyle. The rehabilitation programmes, stretches and strengthening exercises are tailored to compliment your session, helping to improve general health and well-being.
Benefits from a specific Injury Rehabilitation programme:

  • Reduce Pain
  • Decrease Swelling
  • Promote natural movement
  • Increase strength of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments
  • Increase bloody supply
  • Promote the healing process
  • Promote a faster recover from an injury or operation
  • Improve overall fitness levels
  • Stabilise your core
  • Relax Muscles
  • Improve flexibility
  • Prevent injury reoccurrence

Included in a Rehabilitation Programme:
Programmes are concise and specific to your individual needs.

  • Mobilisation
  • Strengthening
  • Balance and proprioception exercises
  • Muscle control/stability
  • Sport Specific Exercises
  • Functional Exercises

All programs will be specific to you as an individual. The intensity and duration of exercise will gradually increase to reach the obtainable goals, programs will have lots of variety to relieve boredom and increase motivation.

A relatively recent trend ‘prehab’ looks to prevent injuries from occurring and reduce the incidence of injury through training programs. They primarily focus on core stability, co-ordination, strength and balance work through the body, incorporating sports specific exercises. ‘Prehab’ tends to be implemented in pre-season and progressed and adapted as the sporting season goes on. Recent studies have shown for ‘prehab’ programs to be effective in reducing the occurrence of injuries.
We thoroughly recommend patient to prehab before having an operation to ensure the best results post-surgery.

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