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Malini Patel

Personal and Career Coach

Malini has 15 years’ experience coaching both private and corporate clients and loves nothing more than seeing her clients unlock their potential in her sessions and master their goals within a few months, if not sooner.  In her words, “I want you to leave my session feeling empowered to take action to achieve your goal.”
Over the years, unbeknown to us, we have let other people’s ideologies, perceptions and words become our own; we lose our authenticity and therefore, lose ourselves.
In a coaching session, the aim is to help facilitate your thinking to eliminate limiting beliefs you hold, unlock your potential and to help you manoeuvre from the place that you are in, to the place you want to be in.
Malini will guide you from the place of feeling lost, stuck in that rut, and enable you to move forward to achieving your goal.  You may not even have a goal as yet, but you know the place you’re in isn’t the place you want to stay – Malini will be there to navigate this journey with you.
With you in the driving seat, Malini will identify your coaching journey and whether strengths finding / behaviour profiling tools such as Strengthscope, Clarity4D or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can assist in reaching your goal(s).
Key areas where Malini has coached others to reach their goals:
• Career – promotions, next steps, direction, redundancy
• Personal – relationships, confidence, financial, family
Malini has worked with various corporate companies, namely, Vodafone UK, Everything Everywhere and Travis Perkins plc.  She now runs her own private practise through Wollaston Therapy Centre, so that she can build a sustainable relationship with you – to inspire you, empower you and give you permission to be you.
Malini’s credentials include:
• Certified Master NLP Practitioner – Professional member of the ANLP
• Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner (MBTI)
• Strengthscope Certified Practitioner
• Certified Clarity4D Business Partner
Malini offers a free initial consultation, if you would like to enquire further please contact us 01933 664444.