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I started having treatments in September 2013, following a severe ankle injury whilst playing football for Raunds Town Ladies. An emergency air ambulance to Coventry hospital as I had an open dislocation to my right ankle and tore the ATFL, PTL and CFL ligaments. Following a four-hour operation and 6 weeks in plaster it was over to Donna to get me off the crutches and walking again. I saw Donna once a week so she could monitor my progress, working on breaking down scar tissue, strengthening weakness calf muscle and helped immensely when I had a nasty infection on my scar, by finding innovative ways of adapting the treatment whilst the infection was treated. Donna had to teach me how to walk properly on my right ankle and emphasised to me how important these basic steps were to ensure I reach my ultimate goal of playing sport again. Donna was always positive, encouraging and very bossy, all to ensure I did not run before I could walk. During this particularly frustrating time for me I could not drive or go to work, Donna was always at the end of the phone giving encouragement 24/7. I am now glad to say 11 months later, I’m back to work, driving and going to the gym regularly which is due to a specific plan devised by Donna to strengthen, increase mobility, flexibility in my ankle and rebuild the muscles in my calf and quad following my time in plaster. I still have regular appointments with Donna and will always be extremely grateful for all her hard work, advise and support she has and continues to give me. I feel that I am now in my last phase of recovery and have even began some light pre-season training under Donna’s watchful eye. Donna is hard working, reliable, supportive, knowledgeable and goes out of her way to ensure all her client’s needs are met. Hayleigh King (Physical Education Teacher) June 2014

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