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I’ve been suffering for the last three weeks with back/shoulder pain and after an hour with Donna I can already feel the benefit of the treatment received. Highly recommend Donna and the team at Wollaston Therapy Centre, knowledge, treatment, professionalism second to none. Thank you I will definitely be back.

Met Georgia today for the first appointment as my neck has been so stiff and painful for a few days. She worked patiently on my neck for an hour and made me feel welcomed and looked after. thank you for seeing me at such short notice and looking after me.

I visit the lovely Jo who has helped me grow in strength and achieve things I never thought possible . Amazing lady who makes you feel so at ease when talking through things. I would highly recommend.

I had an appointment with Elaine around a month ago, due to a neck injury. she was amazing, she listened exactly to what my issue was and the treatment I received helped tremendously!
She was very chatty and made the whole process comfortable and relaxing.
Would definitely recommend!

I’ve been having regular sports massages with Donna and Georgia for over 5 years now, working in the fitness industry I know how important it is to look after my body. Last week I injured my back and was left almost unable to walk, after 2 treatments with Donna and exercises at home I’m walking normally and able to return to work (under strict restrictions). I cannot thank or recommend them enough. Sam Stenson, September 2018

I have been to the centre on numerous occasions and have been so happy with the treatments. Donna and Georgia have been absolutely fabulous with massages previously, being able to adapt to my hip problem. I have been to see Elaine for my last couple of appointments, and all I can give is praise. Again she has taken my hip problem in to consideration and has made me feel very comfortable whilst having massages. I have been and seen her today, although have come out hurting, it’s because my muscles are extremely tight and have been over compensating. She has given me some tips and exercises to do, and I’m looking forward to going back in a month. I would highly recommend Bespoke Injury Management. Always have been able to deal with any sort of niggles/pains I go in with and help to relieve them. All 3 girls are fab! Thank you! Katie York, Feb 2019

I had an appointment with Coral the Osteopath here at the clinic as I had been having ongoing back pain, within 24 hours I have felt so much better and 80% of the pain is gone.
I am so thankful to Coral for explaining everything so thoroughly and giving my tips and exercises to take away to ensure my back stays pain free. Definitely would recommend Coral’s service. Tara Holly, June 2018.

The thing I wish I could take to the Isle of Man TT is my amazing Sports Therapist Donna Norman. She has been so instrumental in getting my leg back to full fitness since I broke my femur last October. She has been extremely influential in getting me back on my race bike by March. I can’t help but big up this young lady who has impressed me with both her skills in sports massage, her approach to rehabilitation but also her business management. I’m really pleased to see that she will be joining Northants County Cricket Club team as a Sports Therapist. Recovering from a broken femur in time for the 2013 motorcycle racing season was always going to be a hard task but not only did Donna’s skills show massive improvements in my leg with each session but she kept me motivated though out, her support kept me going no matter what hurdles I has to overcome. She is great at what she does and getting a podium at my first outing this year is proof of that. I hope she remains part of my team for the future. Maria Costello MBE, May 2013

Great Deep tissue massage today, currently out of season and looking to keep myself as mobile as possible. Removed many knots in my neck and shoulders, loosened my legs too. Thank you Donna, highly recommend if anyone needs a treatment. Michael Jacobs, June 2013

I started having treatments in September 2013, following a severe ankle injury whilst playing football for Raunds Town Ladies. An emergency air ambulance to Coventry hospital as I had an open dislocation to my right ankle and tore the ATFL, PTL and CFL ligaments. Following a four-hour operation and 6 weeks in plaster it was over to Donna to get me off the crutches and walking again. I saw Donna once a week so she could monitor my progress, working on breaking down scar tissue, strengthening weakness calf muscle and helped immensely when I had a nasty infection on my scar, by finding innovative ways of adapting the treatment whilst the infection was treated. Donna had to teach me how to walk properly on my right ankle and emphasised to me how important these basic steps were to ensure I reach my ultimate goal of playing sport again. Donna was always positive, encouraging and very bossy, all to ensure I did not run before I could walk. During this particularly frustrating time for me I could not drive or go to work, Donna was always at the end of the phone giving encouragement 24/7. I am now glad to say 11 months later, I’m back to work, driving and going to the gym regularly which is due to a specific plan devised by Donna to strengthen, increase mobility, flexibility in my ankle and rebuild the muscles in my calf and quad following my time in plaster. I still have regular appointments with Donna and will always be extremely grateful for all her hard work, advise and support she has and continues to give me. I feel that I am now in my last phase of recovery and have even began some light pre-season training under Donna’s watchful eye. Donna is hard working, reliable, supportive, knowledgeable and goes out of her way to ensure all her client’s needs are met. Hayleigh King (Physical Education Teacher) June 2014

Weight lifting, Cycling London to Paris, intense exercise

I have been having regular treatments with Donna since early 2015, in June 2015 my treatments became a weekly part of my wellbeing regime. During my preparations for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and cycling to Paris my legs and shoulders needed regular treatment. The advice Donna has given me over the past few months on stretching and strengthening exercises has been invaluable and has reduced my risk of injury. For the last six months I have been weight lifting and running four times a week and developed a sore back as my gluteals were not activating. Donna concentrated on gluteal activation and reducing tension in my hamstrings and quads and I immediately saw an improvement and I am now pain free. My trainer has noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility and has started to refer other clients to Donna. I cannot recommend Donna highly enough for her expertise and professionalism. Sarah Stoute, December 2015

After being knocked off my bike and an impending event the following week. I approached Donna to see if she could help manage my injuries to get me into a fit state to at least participate. Thankfully she got me ready and is now working with me every 6 weeks to help with my race training schedule and event prep by diagnosing/treating what muscle groups need working on. A pleasure to work with and always gives me exercises or ides to work on outside of our sessions. Stuart Plows, April 2016

I had been training since January for the Silverstone half marathon in March. Four weeks before the run I developed an injury in the base of my foot and toe. I saw Donna who also found I had shin splints, tight hamstrings, calves and runners knee, due to increasing the mileage. Donna and Kim helped me a great deal with treatments and gave me exercises to do at home. Needless to say they got me to the start line in one piece and I’m proud to say I completed the Silverstone Half Marathon in a respectable time with no injuries! Massive thanks to Donna and Kim for all your help. Esther Maughan, April 2016

Recently I have taken up Boxing again after a long spell out. I train 4-5 times a week and I’m aiming high to try and break out of the office in a few years. Because of the stress on my body I now have regular treatments once a week from both Donna and Georgia. I’m so impressed with their professionalism, how I feel at ease during my treatments and I know they have a genuine interest in my needs. I would recommend using their services. Lewis Moses, May 2016

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